Sports Star Nominations

The Ryde Sports Foundation has been officially recognising excellence in local sport since 1979. During that time more than 450 local sports stars have been recognised through the TWT/Ryde Sports Foundation Sports Star of the Month Award. We use the following criteria:

  • Achievement of the participant at various levels of the sport. This should be beyond club level.
  • The contribution that the individual may make to life within the sporting section.
  • The ability of the person to develop as a role model for other people.
  • Be aged 12 years or older, as this is the age at which children are given the opportunity to develop in their sport outside participation at club level.

Submit your nomination online

To nominate a local sportsperson, CLICK HERE to fill out and submit the ONLINE FORM.

For the traditionalists

If you’re having problems using our online form and would like to use the more traditional printed form, you can download the nomination form (click on the link), print it, fill it out, scan it and email it back to the Ryde Sports Foundation.

  • (Note: If you’ve just realised the second method is harder than the first, CLICK HERE to fill out the online form, it’s easier!)